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to everyone who has helped and supported me in making the US Ski Team.

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It's the short "off-season".  I'm working on this website and sponsor relations,  and preparing for the upcoming training season in Park City.



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I am a true amateur.  There is no professional circuit; I actually pay to compete!  I jump because I love the sport of freestyle aerials and want to represent the United States in competition!

As an international competitor and ranked in the top five nationally, it is a privilege to compete at elite levels; to represent my gender, sport and country; and to promote my sponsors.  I work hard at being prepared for success.  I exercise my leadership skills in keeping my teammates positive while being a superior role model for the younger athletes.

Your contributions make it possible for me to train and compete at the highest levels.  Training and competition costs are a constant worry.  These costs  include participation fees, insurance, coaching, winter and summer training gear, travel, USSA and FIS fees, nutritional needs, skiing/competition outfitting and safety equipment.

While training and competing, I work seasonal part-time jobs.  Sponsorship helps me focus on my commitment to the US Ski Team.  I welcome all forms of direct and indirect support.  Thank you!

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