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Special thanks...
to everyone who has helped and supported me in making the US Ski Team.

Upcoming Events
It's the short "off-season".  I'm working on this website and sponsor relations,  and preparing for the upcoming training season in Park City.


Career Highlights


  • 1st Northern Divisional Champs - Northern Division Champion
  • 2nd Mont Gabriel NorAm #1
  • 2nd Mont Gabriel NorAm #2
  • 2nd overall NorAm Grand Prix Tour
  • 8th US National Championships
  • Aerials National Ranking: 5th
  • Made the US Freestyle Ski Team!



  • 1st UOP December Air
  • 2nd USSA Snowbowl Free Big Air  #1
  • 2nd USSA Snowbowl Free Big Air  #2
  • 2nd Intermountain Division Championship Big Air
  • 4th Intermountain Division Championship Aerials


  •  1st Intermountain Big Air Championships
  •  1st Utah Olympic Park Contest
  •  2nd Utah Olympic Park Contest
  •  4th Bogus Basin, ID Regional Comp
  •  6th Junior Olympics
Event Icons from different competitions

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