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It's the short "off-season".  I'm working on this website and sponsor relations,  and preparing for the upcoming training season in Park City.


About Freestyle Aerials




Freestyle skiing is an international and Olympic sport of two disciplines, moguls and aerials.  Moguls were added to the official Olympic program of the Albertville Games in 1992, and aerials were added at the Lillehammer Games in 1994.

The sport’s name comes from the 1960s when skiers established a freer style of skiing that contrasted to the traditional racing events of alpine skiing.  Originally a mix of alpine skiing and acrobatics, freestyle skiing developed over the decades into today's sport as freedom of expression led to new and exciting skiing techniques.  Freestyle skiing continues to grow and evolve every year.

In freestyle aerials, a skier speeds towards a specially fabricated snow ramp, or “kicker", at  25-30 miles per hour and is launched 50-70 feet above the snowy landing hill.  While the athlete flies through the air, she performs acrobatic flips and twists before landing and skiing away.

The aerialist is judged on how she moves in the air, her form or body position, and her landing.  These three elements are judged according to execution.  The sum of the three scores is then multiplied by the jump's degree of difficulty to get a jump score.

Competitions consist of two jumps.  Both jump scores are combined to equal a total score.  The skier with the highest total wins the gold!
Before even attempting these unbelievable acrobatics,  each aerialist begins serious training in the springtime.  The athlete trains on trampolines to create and perfect the flips and rotations.  To help ensure safety, training includes performing each jump numerous times by skiing down special plastic "kickers" and landing in a pool.  Each jump must be qualified by certified judges before it is allowed on snow.

There are two state of the art training facilities located in the United States - Park City, Utah and Lake Placid, New York.


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